About Vin DiCarlo

The name Pandora comes from the Greek mythology, Pandora’s Box held secrets, plagues and demons. It also held hope for a paradise where men and women could get along together. Vin DiCarlo who comes from a PUA (pickup artist) background dug up the key that unlocks the secrets to a woman’s mind, body and heart. Thus it got a fitting name.

About Vin DiCarlo

Vin DiCarlo

The PUA philosophy is a chauvinistic, macho philosophy that’s mainly into meeting and befriending women. Vin DiCarlo also has a history in female psychology, this “attraction” guru authored the book entitled “The Attraction Code”.

The Breakdown of The Pandora’s Box System and How It Works

 Women do not think the same, they are very much unique. That’s what’s wrong with the typical approach to men’s dating advice, they teach you to use this one size fits all approach on women.

And chances are, they don’t live up to their expectations. It doesn’t match the way she wants to be attracted. Like the saying goes “If you want to catch the right fish, you got to use the right bait”. One of the most fascinating parts that Vin Dicarlo described in Pandoras Box System, are the 8 personality types of women. Such as, The Cinderella, The Playette, The Hopeful Romantic, The Connoisseur, The Modern Woman, your Private Dancer, The Seductress and The Social Butterfly.

The only down side to the with the Pandora’s Box System is that, it’s a lot to memorize. It will come with time and the practice. In addition it may be hard when meeting new girls to figure out her type instantly. I mean it seems like you have to start the conversation and quickly pick up the clues. Guess that’s why Vin DiCarlo called it the “One Minute Minding” technique. Lastly I remember Vin DiCarlo saying something about them not knowing the long term physiological effects on a girl. Just as long as you have good intentions… all is well. Other than that this should of been out a lot sooner.

So How Will It Work For You?

After understanding, it will enable you to quickly identify which a woman type, and how to apply the techniques to each of them. Once you realize these… That’s where all the fun begins, because Vin DiCarlo has a structured method of teaching this stuff that makes it really easy to absorb. It starts by creating a concrete game plan for dealing with each type of girl. You’ll also become aware of how many girls you messed up with in the past, just because you handled them the wrong way.

The Pandoras Box Works Great for:

  • Guys looking to escape the ‘friends zone’ and get a specific women addicted to them
  • Guys who want to approach new women and trigger nearly instant attraction, without fear or rejection
  • Guys looking to date multiple women and need a simple system to predict and control their emotions
  • Guys who want to get their ex-girlfriends back and never lose her again
  • Guys looking to cheat-proof their relationships by getting inside the mind of their current girlfriend
  • Older or divorced men